Driver Magician 3.65

Driver Magician offers a professional solution for device drivers backup, restoration, update and removal in Windows operating system. It identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers from the hard disk and backs them up to a location of your choice.
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193 votes Vote

Allow the program to download drivers automatically. Opening so many web pages is frustrating.

2cool4cereal2, 03.01.2012, 07:14
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There are two options within driver magician called update. This is clumsy - and I am a long time user of Driver Magician. How about calling one 'Check for latest version' and one 'Update database'.

W B, 03.01.2012, 07:16
65 votes Vote

This software needs an automatic updater & installer. Also it would be better if it automatically backed-up your previous drivers for you. Would also like to see automatic wizard fix for non microsoft drivers,Thanks

Katie, 03.01.2012, 09:00
61 votes Vote

Change color of Driver name when each driver back up is completed. Names stay red all the time.

ken, 03.01.2012, 07:57
44 votes Vote

Add "create a folder" and "select all" to backup

The process should be more refined and even allow a zipped folder of backed up drivers.
cwharts, 03.01.2012, 10:34
32 votes Vote

be able to down load at a reasonable speed, having cable i think any download should be minutes not 2hours or 10hours as i found. I have uninstalled the product

alexanderd, 03.01.2012, 10:24
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21 votes Vote

have a Check-box to 'Select-ALL' or de-select same - having to check every driver individually each time is very annoying.

Tek, 03.01.2012, 11:56
17 votes Vote

Allow program to backup drivers to the cloud (eg. DropBox etc.) and implement a 1-click feature that would check and auto-update itself (including driver signature files), backup all drivers, do a system restore-point backup, donwload and ins

Keoni, 03.01.2012, 14:13
16 votes Vote

be able to add a new folder.

When choosing where to put my driver backup files I'd like to be able to add a new folder in the Driver Backup file location dialog.
LuckyMan, 03.01.2012, 09:21
14 votes Vote

Add a server version of this program. So you can backup all pc's connected to the server. Nowadays many people have this at home even i have so, it would be better.

Add a server version of this program.
trrohith, 03.01.2012, 08:01
12 votes Vote

be able to update drivers, tells me it is unregistered

ruth, 03.01.2012, 15:06
0 votes Vote

Create option to download all nesesery drivers to self-extract pack, It would be very helpful after formating disk

Maiej, 03.01.2012, 23:09
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see a more efficient version. Prior versions produced results at a much higher speed than this. You might consider maintaining your own database of drivers or using a search system that will find/search manufacturers locations as well.

This version does not even feel like previous verions and takes far too long for updates, even on an exceptionally high speed line (fiberoptic). The program value is outstanding, but this version renders it impractible to use.
Prof. K., 03.01.2012, 15:52
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It would be nice to have the option of an automatic update of all drivers, but only as an option.

I like deciding whether or not I want to update. I know that one newer driver (on my modem) doesn't work with some Answering Machine/FAX software I ha
Michael Burkley, 03.01.2012, 19:37
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Be able to download the driver from more than one site. Cross reference in case a download is down.

josh, 03.01.2012, 21:15
0 votes Vote

allow for DM to create a LIST REPORT of the drivers found and backed up.

allow for DM to create a LIST REPORT of the drivers found and backed up. At minimum, provide the information which is visible in the UI screen list of drivers found.
BruceTechGuy, 04.01.2012, 05:02
0 votes Vote

point ad click an item for automatic driver update instantly

point ad click an item for automatic driver update instantly
gammelby, 04.01.2012, 06:59